Step 2

Whatsapp on your android application

When we have installed one of the android applications, we need to get Whatsapp installed in this application.

I will explain how to this for both applications from step 1.

For Bluestacks users. After you start Bluestacks and it is loaded , simply go to the search line and type in Whatsapp and download it.

It will appear among the other apps which are preinstalled.

For Youwave users. The easiest way to do this is to use the  Youwave application itself for it.

So we open and start Youwave. Click on view on top and click on online content.

We can see the Whatsapp icon beneath the online apps (click and run ). Click on it and run it.

This will download Whatsapp and place it in your Youwave. After it is done you can see the icon on the home page of Youwave.

You  also can download and install Whatsapp with the browser of Youwave going to this site: