Step 3

How to setup Whatsapp on your pc

After the Whatsapp application is installed and you run it, it will  asks for your personal details.

You have to fill it in and keep your phone in the near area. The number you fill in has to be correct.

You even can use your home phone instead of a mobile phone.

First you will get a text message from Whatsapp with a 3 digit number.

The install screen of Whatsapp will ask you to click on “call me”.

When u click on “call me”, an automatic call is made to your phone number.

A voice will tell you the same 3 digit number as the number they send you by text message. Fill in this number.

Last step is to fill in your name or nickname. Verification is complete and you are ready to use Whatsapp.

In step 4 we will learn you to add contacts and to useWhatsapp.